Jennifer Lopez new  Vegan Diet



Jennifer Lopez  new diet this season was a complete vegan diet eliminating dairy, meat and gluten for five weeks. With this she lost 10 pounds and went from size 4 to size 2. After crossing 40 it does become a bit difficult to lose the stubborn weight and with the help of her exercise physiologist Marco Borges’ diet plan she managed to do just that.A non vegetarian where her staple food included rice, beans and pork it was not quite the diet she had done eating only vegetarian food and  now she  has gradually begun incorporating staples such as fish back into her eating. Lopez works out hard, too, changing her exercise routine every 10 days to keep her toned gluts in shape and is now planning to develop her own  line of vegan health supplements. Her workout session normally lasts about an hour, out of  which 30 minutes are devoted just to her famous glutes.

"I enjoy eating that way,” Lopez said, “I never did. And I didn't know how good you can feel when you put healthy stuff in your body." “I feel great mentally and physically!”  is what she said before signing off…

inputs from fox news