Cycling for lovely legs

Remember those carefree days when you would cycle with your friends in the neighborhood and have fun racing with each other. Time flies and you are caught up in the vicious circle of a routine life. Home, chores, kids, work, homework and the dinners to be made and then you hit the sack thinking about tomorrow’s tasks. The need to fit in exercise and stay in shape is another add on. So get back to that wonderful exercise and at least try cycling at the weekends and feel the benefits of the two wheels!


Cycling is a great workout to break into a sweat and work your legs. The advantage is you can push yourself at a higher intensity – so the harder you cycle the better.
What does it do? Which you probably know already…

->Strengthens your legs, arms and back,
->Encourages your heart to work more efficiently and
->Aids in weight loss.
Cheap way to stay fit

If you can try Cycling to your work place or when you go to the market for groceries. Not recommended if you live in a high traffic zone though. So what are you waiting for? Pull out that unused bicycles and hit the roads with your friends for company...