How to Wear a Bridal Saree

Depending on the part of India that the bride comes from in addition to the emerging fashion of the times, bridal saris may look quite different from everyday saris.

* Starting with the plain end of the sari, tuck it securely into the waist of the petticoat and wrap it around your waist once. Make sure that the edge of the sari is just barely touching the floor.

* Make about no less than seven and no more than 10 pleats that are about five inches in length. Start at the spot where the sari has been tucked into the petticoat. Hold the pleats so that they are lined up and the rest of the fabric falls to the floor.

* Tuck the pleats into the front of the petticoat and make sure that they will not fall out when you move.

* This can be done by gently swaying your hips to ensure that any type of movement will not untuck the pleats. If it does, tuck them further into the petticoat and test again.

* Wrap the remaining fabric around your waist one more time. Once the fabric has reached the spot where the pleats begin, drape the remaining fabric over the shoulder opposite the original tucking in spot.