Natural remedies for Headache


Headache is quite common complain and affects people of all age group some time or another. There are mainly three types of headaches, headache from tension and stress, headache due to migraine and repetitive headaches. When the headache is due to stress and strain, the person feels increasing pain as the stress increases. In this type of headache the pain is felt from the back of the neck and continues to the top and front of the head.

Headache from migraine is also heredity and this is seen mostly in females rather than males. These are most affected by nervous abnormalities as well as shock, grief, mental emotions, gastro-intestinal abnormalities and many more. Repetitive headaches are usually cause by drinking alcohol and smoking. No matter what type of headache you experience, there are some symptoms and causes that are common.


Common Symptoms of Headache :

Pain in head, neck and eyes

Stimulation and depression

Difficulty in viewing things

Confusing state of mind


Common Reasons of Headache :

Stress, strain and tension

Eye disorder or eye strain


Due to low blood sugar or high blood pressure

Constipation or dehydration

Sudden exposure to cold temperature



Home Remedies for Headache :

If you are suffering from repetitive headache, eat an apple with salt in empty stomach daily. After this drink warm water or milk. Consume this continuously for 10 to 15 days for better results.

If you are having sinus headache, you can inhale steam of water boiled with fresh or dried ginger powder.

To get rid of chronic headache, you can keep your legs in hot water before going to bed at night. Continue it for 15 to 20 days.

Inhale the steam of hot water which contains few drops of eucalyptus oil.

Apply a paste of 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon in water on your forehead.

Crush and pound lemon crusts and make it a fine paste. Apply this paste in thick form on your forehead.

Juice of spinach juice 200ml and carrot juice 300ml mixed together can be taken regularly. This helps cure migraine headache.


How to Avoid Headache :

Take your meal regularly on time and pay attention to nutrition as well.

Eat banana on regular basis if you have headache most often.

Try to live a life free of stresses.

Do parnayama regularly. This will help you remain free of headache and stress as well.

When you are experiencing headache, eat something sweet even a teaspoonful of sugar for instant relief. Sweet and mild tastes are considered as cure for headaches.

Drink lots of water.

Avoid fried food and junk food.

Take good sleep and stick to the schedule. It will help you get rid of many health problems.

Avoid excess rich food items in your diet like cream, cheese, red meat and chocolate.

Include fruits and vegetables and add as much fiber as possible in your diet.

Increase intake of foods rich in protein, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin D Dairy products are also helpful in keeping away headaches.