Samaikya Prajavani likely the name of new party

Publish Date:Jan 21, 2014



The proposed new political party reportedly to be launched by CM Kiran Kumar Reddy or Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal is likely to be named as Samaikya Prajavani. This is disclosed with an appeal made by some unidentified persons in some newspapers asking the public to file their objections if any within one month on the new party name.


Hence, it is clear now that Samaikya Prajavani party is the name of the new party and it is going to be launched one month later and not within next few days, as predicted earlier. If so, the timing of launching of the new party is coincides with Parliament budget sessions, in which the T-bill is supposed to be approved. It means, the new political party is providing enough time to the Centre to pass the T-bill, otherwise it would have launched immediately and kick started agitations opposing T-bill and bifurcation.

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