The society that we live in today, is effected by a lot of bad habits. One such habit is - Smoking! Though we all know the ill effects of allowing tobacco into our body, many of us are unable to get rid of the long term addiction. Those who want to give de addiction a try, are struggling to find the best way to do so.


If you are one of them, you have come to the right place. This article will take you through simple and healthy habits, that will give you a gift of a healthy life in just 3 days. To start with, there is a precondition before you can start detoxing your body. That is, keep away from diary products two days before you start cleaning up your lungs. This will remove the toxins from your body and start your journey on a healthy path. The next step in the purification process is to drink a cup of herbal tea before you retire for the day. This will prevent the lungs from being over loaded with work for other parts of the body.

Taking two lemons in 300ml of water everyday, before breakfast is the best way to start a healthy day. Similarly 300ml of grape juice or pineapple juice improves your respiratory system with the antioxidants they contain. 300ml of carrot juice between breakfast and lunch is advised to alkalize your blood in these 3 days. Apart from this, 400ml of juice rich in potassium can work wonders in the cleansing process. It is advised to be taken during lunch. To help your body fight bacteria, make sure you sip some cranberry juice before you go to bed. Other things you need to take care of is adequate exercise and a warm bath for 20 minutes. The exercise will drain out some more toxins from you body in the form of sweat. The last activity in this process is to inhale steam with a clean cloth over your head, after putting 5-10 drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water. Following this routine and meet a new you after 3 days!

.......Kruti Beesam

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