A Harmful Cup Of Tea!

Most people in India and in some other parts of the world, like to start their day with a delicious cup of tea. This is supported by the health benefits associated with having tea. But, its time people know the other side of the story.

Tea is not as good as you may think it is. Most often it causes harm than doing good. Doctors agree with this claim after conducting a survey on people who drink tea, all over India. Research has revealed that over consumption of this beverage over many years, results in severe anemia. This is why instances of anemia are greater in the eastern part of the country, than elsewhere.

In fact the trend of low hemoglobin starts in the east with 52.4% of the population suffering from anemia, followed by 48.6% in north, 39.3% in west and 27% in south. Coffee being the popular beverage in the southern region, people there are the least effected. Low hemoglobin is a direct result of lack of absorption of iron by the body.

Having excessive amounts tea, prevents your body from absorbing the required amount of iron. Doctors say that tannins in tea bind with iron and stop the absorption process. Earlier it was believed that women were at a greater risk of being anemic because of menstruation and the habit of being the last one to eat in the family. However, this underwent a change because of the improvement in their social status and a drastic increase in the consumption of tea.

Now the men are also equally at risk. So, next time you pick up a cup of tea, ask yourself if your ready to be deprived of iron.

Kruti Beesam

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