How To Increase Height of Child

Here are some helpful tips to increase your child’s height naturally.

* Milk supplies them with many vitamins, minerals and protein source having high biological values and substantial acid amines. Vitamins and minerals also play an important role in developing the height of children.

* Practice exercises like stretching, yoga, swimming and pull ups. Stretching exercises can add up to three inches of height permanently.

* Have you kid go up against a wall with their back towards it. Raise their hands over their head as high as they can go. Make them sit there on their tippy toes for as long as they can. Once they can do it any longer, let them rest and do it again.

* Basketball is one sport that helps to augment the height immensely. If your kid is not in the school basketball team then there is no reason to worry. Set up a mock basket in your courtyard and get the ball to play with your child. Play basketball for at least one hour in the evening.

* Develop good posture. Do not sit or walk with a hunchback.