Healthy Foods for Strong Bones

Bones form the basis of our skeletal system, protect our vital organs and define our body shape and size frame. The bones found in our body are alive just like us; they keep on growing, changing in shape, size as we grow old, in fact our height and weight depends on our bones. We have 206 bones in our body, with the spine being made up of 26 bones alone!

Food is needed so that we have the energy or efficiency to perform our bodily actions such as walking, sleeping, running, breathing etc.To maintain healthy and strong bones, it is necessary that we provide proper nutrition to them, following is a list of foods that will help us maintain good healthy and strong bones.


Regularly drinking milk during the growing years is associated with greater height, bone size and bone mineralization. Milk contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, proteins, fat, sugars, and vitamins A and D, what some call the "perfect package” for bone health.


If your body doesn't have enough calcium to replace what is removed, your bones can become weak and break easy. Yogurt is a good source of calcium, according to the National Institute of Health Yogurt providing 300 milligrams in a six ounce cup.

Chinese Cabbage

 Chinese cabbage contains plentiful of calcium, whereas vegetables such as turnip greens, broccoli, and spinach provide us with good amount of calcium.


Soy is the best source of plant nutrients called isoflavones. Along with protein and other vitamins and minerals, isoflavones may combat bone loss as we age.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are anyways loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins. They are highly beneficial to nourish our body. Sunflower seeds, pistachios, and almonds are rich source of calcium, while flax seeds and walnuts are packed with omega- 3 fatty acids, Almonds and peanuts consists good amount of potassium that prevents the loss of calcium through urine. The proteins and nutrients that are present in nuts, helps to construct strong bones.


The sun is technically not a food. However, the sun contains many nutrients found in some foods. In response to sunlight, the body will produce vitamin D. Without vitamin D, your body will not absorb calcium properly. Although milk is often fortified with vitamin D, but there are still not enough to maximize calcium absorption.

Salt water fish

If you want to have healthy bones you should have salt water fish once in a week, Most fish are known to contain high levels of vitamin D, which is required by bones to absorb calcium.

While these are important food items needed to keep our bones healthy, one should not just rely on them wholly, when it comes to the maintenance and health of our bones. Moderate to heavy exercise should complement our bone friendly diet, if we are to have healthy bones!