Tips to stay fresh while exercising



We present some tips for you to stay fresh when you are working out.

Workout gear - Choose exercise clothes made from synthetic fabrics that are specifically designed to remove sweat, keeping you cool and dry. These are available with most of the current top brands. Avoid cotton clothes as they retain sweat and moisture, making you sticky and smelly. Wear breathable socks while you work out. Women should always wear sports bras, as they help you support the chest and you will feel comfortable during heavy work outs.

Hair - If you have long hair, pull it up or back while you are working out and prevent it from picking up the sweat from you face and neck.

Skin - Carry a small turkey or cotton towel with you to wipe off excess sweat while you exercise. Never touch your hands to your sweaty face, as this spreads bacteria and increases the likelihood of acne. Don’t reuse that towel for the next day and use a fresh one every day.

Bring some disposable body wipes. These wet wipes remove excess sweat and oil from your skin and refresh your skin.

Feet - A foot deodorizer can also help you feel clean after a heavy workout. Apply foot spray or powder directly to your feet before putting wearing your gym shoes. Even baking soda works well to prevent smelly feet.

Apart from the tips given above invest in a good gym bag to keep your things in place. Just by packing a few extra things into your gym bag, you can freshen up and enjoy the rest of your day with confidence and freshness !