Most of the parents complain about their babies taking too long to sleep or not wanting to be off the parents' lap. One reason why these babies get upset when you try to put them on bed for sleep is the drastic change in the temperature. Our hands are warm, so they prefer to slumber in the lap. How long will we sit holding them. I faced this problem too.

Just to make a bed feel warm, DONT PLACE BLANKETS, PILLOWS, SOFT TOYS around, they only pose a hazard but bring no comfort, the baby has no room to feel free. If the baby is under 3 months, swaddle him/her, feed the baby and put the baby down on the bed, or a crib. Don't let the baby get used to swinging in your arms, let it not become a habit. Swaddling process is shown in the picture. It makes a baby feel the same way they were in the tummy and also feel cozy.

If the baby is beyond 3 months age and not keeping the swaddle on, put them in sleep sack (sleeping bags), as in the picture. It covers the body like a blanket and is warm. Put the baby in the crib/bed, stand beside and pat on the tummy.

Feeding to sleep is not a good plan once the baby is 4 months old, they start to teeth around 6 months of age, and if you stop feeding to sleep by 4 months, the baby tends to forget the habit soon and get ready to teeth healthy.


- Prathyusha