Fitness band that shocks you to Hit the Gym


Pavlok,the new fitness band: The Pavlok is a new fitness band prototype that has all the functions of a regular fit band, created by Behavioral Technologies founder and CEO Maneesh Sethi, which  aims to alter your behavior and improve your fitness, too. It does this by prodding you through both positive and negative reinforcement. It will send little shocks to your wrist if you don't head to the gym when you say you're going to. Now that’s a pretty violent way of getting yourself motivated but it will definitely shock you into heading to the gym. Still in the beta stage it will hit the market in September 2014.

How this work does: The bracelet and its accompanying app of the same name use a combination of negative and positive reinforcement to train your brain. This means that the bracelet can send a small shock to your wrist if you don’t meet a predetermined goal, such as heading to the gym at a certain time.

What it does it do: The Pavlok band focuses on creating better habits in three particular areas of fitness, productivity, and sleep which could change your entire day and lead to better health and fitness. Shocking ways  to stay fit !