Lack of Parent-Child Time


Parents usually worry about not being able to spend more time with their children once the school schedule starts at home. Until then, Mom might complain daily that she is hardly getting a ME ONLY time..everything changes once the child starts going to preschool and there is no other child left at home. At this stage, most Moms too find a job for themselves, and then starts the worry..'Am i spending enough time with my child?', 'is my child feeling the change?', 'is my child feeling neglected?', 'would that affect his/her development?' and all such questions. Well, these feelings will only prove that 'you haven't changed', that 'your children are still your priority'.

Research says that children's development isn't related to the quantity of time spent with their parents, but it is the quality of time that really counts. Society and the trend had been changing from over a decade and is not just the Dad, but Mom too works. It is very rare to see a family where Mom commits to be a Stay Home Mom forever.  Such families are blessed..and blessed are even those families where Moms are encouraged by others to step out and achieve their dreams..however, Moms and Dads would still bother about their children. Due to the busy schedules, we maynot be able to spend as much time everyday as during the weekends or holidays...just make sure you have dinners together. Family bonding is miraculous and healing. If you are lucky, make sure to spend few more minutes relaxing with the family, 'WITHOUT THE TV'., 'DISCUSSING ONLY THE GOOD MATTERS'.

Start your day with a target to reach home early and spend some more moments with your kids. Let that thought be a bulls eye to hit, everyday. Weekends should be family oriented. I know you can't escape extra work if it knocks at your desk, but try if you can compensate with a trip to the park or a lunch/dinner date with the kids at at healtheir restaurant. Cooking together with kids is a great experience...but remember to 'HAVE PATIENCE' as kids are kids, they might forget their rules of cleanliness and play with food...let it not be a fired up are the parent, so keep your cool and either deal with the kids or divert them to a playroom.

Because you are worried about the quality time you spend with your children, you are definitely going to do your best to make it a happy family where kids are the happiest. Have fun !!