A Kit to measure how Fit you are

Described as the 'only multi-sensor media monitor available in the UK', Ki Fit is a highly tuned sensor that you wear on your upper arm and which accurately tracks calories burned and the number of steps you take, as well as the efficiency of your sleep.  Combined with a personal online account in which you log all your food and drink intake, you can then accurately track the number of calories burned against the calories you've consumed: the holy grail of weight loss. The device itself is pretty easy to work - you simply attach it to the outside of your upper arm with a Velcro fastening - and then it pretty much looks after itself. 
Meanwhile, an online profile allows you to log in all your meals from a pretty comprehensive series of pre-programmed choices, which you can also modify.

Once a day you need to sync the armband with your computer to get the day's report, while a separate beeper, which you can pop in your handbag, allows you to monitor your progress (it shows steps taken, hours of activity and calories burned). Your daily report includes a series of easy-to-read graphs of your sleep patterns, movements and food intake, which is also broken into a colourful pie-chart showing the percentage of carbs, protein and fat .The device allows the user to track the number of calories burned against the number consumed. The Ki Fit device is available in the United Kingdom as of now.

Source:Daily Mail