Make sure you make salads and soups a regular part of your regular meals. They are effective in keeping your weight in check.

Load up on water, green tea, unsweetened lime juice, coconut water to keep your system flushed. Excess sweet and salty food tend to make you retain water.

Be regular with physical activity, which is highly instrumental in keeping your metabolism humming. Reschedule your activity to the morning to prevent evening celebrations from ruining your schedule.

If you are pressed for time or intend to simply keep your weight down during all the feasting, switch your routine to HIT mode or high intensity training. This includes plyometrics and activities like sprinting, skipping and uses a lot of compound movements like jump squats, push-ups, pull-ups et al.

When heading out to celebrate, don't step out in an empty stomach. Eat a small meal which contains some protein, good fats and fibre. For intance, an olive oil tossed salad with cottage cheese or chick peas or both.

If alcohol figures in your celebrations, then it is advisable to stick to a glass or two of red wine. In any case, limiting servings is important.

When in a festive mood, eat only those things which you truly enjoy. Don't stuff yourself silly with everything that is served. Mindful eating can help keep those kilos off.

Supplement your diet with Omega 3 fatty acids post meals from either flaxseed or fish oil.

When giving or receiving gifts, dry fruits and nuts are your best options. They won't stick to your belly like sweets and fried snacks.


Stay healthy and enjoy the festive season ahead!