5 Foods For a Nutritious Diet

Here is a simple easily available list of food items that are packed with nutrients.

Watermelon : A two  cup, 85-calorie serving provides 38 percent of a day's supply of vitamin C and 32 percent of vitamin A. It's thick skin keeps bugs and pesticides at bay, thus, it's labeled one of the "Clean 15" - fruits and vegetables with the least pesticide residue.

Eggs : As any healthy dieter knows, protein is essential for staying full and having energy. eggs are an excellent source of protein and have all eight amino acids.

Leafy greens. Start by buying them already chopped, bagged and washed (then wash them again for good measure). Sauté garlic in olive oil and add the greens. Cook, stirring occasionally, for five to 20 minutes or until they're soft.

Fruits: All fruits are packed with nutrients and different kinds of fruits have different nutritional values. Include them in your daily diet.

Sunflower seeds: The same amount packs 180 calories. Try eating them un-shelled; they'll take longer to eat so you're less likely to eat too many.six grams of protein and 25 to 75 percent of such daily nutritional needs as copper, vitamin E, manganese and selenium.