Take care of your Heart


A few years ago women made up barely 15 percent of the population who could be affected by heart Diseases. Women who come from every social class—rich or poor, are all equally at risk of this issue. “One in nine women between the ages of 45 and 65 develop symptoms of some form of cardiovascular disease,” says cardiologist K.K. Aggarwal of Delhi’s Moolchand Hospital. “More disturbing is the fact that fewer women get timely medical attention when compared to men,” adds Dr Aggarwal, a Padma Shri recipient and president of the Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI). “So, for women, heart disease is the most serious killer.”


But a woman doesn’t always experience the familiar symptoms of heart attack. She needs to look out for non-typical symptoms also. They should also not ignore the risk of hereditary factors in case it runs in the family. That’s why routine check-ups are vital. Visit the nearest diagnostic facilities recommended by your doctor and get these tests done thoroughly.

It is highly  recommended to change your usual Lifestyle habits and start low-fat diets, regular exercise, cardio fitness , yoga and meditation, along with periodic check-ups including the treadmill tests and a lipid profile tests. This simple precaution could prevent almost 80 percent of heart attacks.