Diet in Summer Season

Summer and hot season always reminds of sweat and dehydration but with some efforts and by following some simple diet tips, you can avoid these. You can enjoy summer to its fullest by taking some healthy, fresh and seasonal summer diets to stay hydrated. Are you looking for such diet tips? Here provide you with some healthy diet tips for summer which will help you a lot in enjoying summer in a healthy way.

1. Drink plenty of water because with high temperatures, body looses water and sodium in the form of sweat. Whether you are at job, in kitchen or in a car, always keep a bottle of fresh water with you, so that you can drink it when you feel dehydrated.

2. Summer is a good season to take fresh fruits and vegetables so that you can keep your diet on track. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables as they not only provide you with essential nutrients but also help in loosing weight. Actually fresh fruits and vegetables have high amount of fiber in them which makes you feel fuller for longer period of time. Fruits and vegetables are also beneficial because they control blood sugar and prevent body from absorbing fat.

3. Try to eat those fruits and vegetables in your diet which have a large amount of water like melons, water melons, oranges, onions and cucumber. Besides hydrating your body, these fruits and vegetables will also help in reducing your body temperature.

4. I strongly recommends you not to take junk and fast food during summer time. These fried foods make you feel lethargic and have a heated thermal effect on your body.

5. Avoid taking carbonated, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks in summer. The reason is quite clear. Actually, these drinks and beverages contain preservatives which cause a lot of water loss through urination.

6. Mostly we drink chilled drinks during summer season but it should be avoided because chilled liquids tighten blood vessels and as a result these constricted and tightened blood vessels reduce body heat loss and have harmful effects on your body.

7. Winter fruits and vegetables like spinach, beetroot, grapefruit, garlic and pineapple should not be taken because these fruits and vegetables produce heat in your body.

8. Avoid spicy, salty and hot foods. Don’t take hot dogs and burgers. Instead of these, try to eat grilled chicken and green vegetables.

9. Drink fresh fruit juice to restore nutrients which you loose in form of sweat.

10. Most of the people like to have salads but don’t watch whether they are healthy or not. I mean that people often start taking all kinds of salads including those having lots of cream and mayonnaise. Such salads are not good in summer time so you should take healthy pasta salads containing olive oil and fresh vegetables.