Sakala Janula Samme: T Ministers Called to Delhi For Talks

Publish Date:Oct 3, 2011

All Telangana ministers have been asked to rush to Delhi on Monday by Telangana Congress Steering Committee chairman K Jana Reddy.The move is to make common cause with TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao and TJAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram who are in the national capital and on mouna deeksha at Raj Ghat for Telangana. Earlier, Jana Reddy along with another chairman of the steering committee K Keshava Rao met KCR and Kodandaram and they are understood to have discussed ways to bring pressure on the party high command to speed up the process of creation of a Telangana state.


According to Congress sources, Keshava Rao took the initiative of meeting Chandrasekhar Rao who is planning to lead a delegation of 40 TJAC and employees union leaders to the Prime Minister to seek his intervention for an early decision on Telangana statehood issue. The Congress leaders, particularly Keshava Rao, wants to utilise the occasion of Chandrasekhar Rao meeting the Prime Minister to put forth the Telangana demand from their side too. He and Jana Reddy reportedly conveyed to KCR and Kodandaram that all the Telangana Congress leaders were keen that the T state should be formed and that they were ready for any sacrifices, including resigning from their positions.

Jana Reddy then called the Telangana ministers to Delhi apparently to take a commitment from them that they would be prepared to make sacrifices, if needed, in their effort to bring pressure on the Congress party. The Congress leaders want the party high command to specify a date for spelling out its stand so that the state government could persuade the TJAC to call of the ongoing general strike in Telangana districts.