Once Again Chidambaram, Telangana And December Together

Publish Date:Dec 1, 2011

p chidambaram telangana issue, p chidambaram december month, union home minister telangana issue, p chidambaram telangana all party meet, pc announcement telangana all party meet, telangana all party meet december, telangana issue p chidambaram Come the month of December and suddenly P Chidambaram wakes up to finding solution to the contentious Telangana issue. But this time, it's more calculated and a timely move by the Union Home Minister. A day before the Winter session of State Assembly, P Chidambaram has announced that there will be an All Party Meeting on the Telangana issue in December.

As expected, the announcement has put TRS and Telangana Congress leaders in a piquant situation and also TDP, which has been drumming up support for the no confidence motion it proposes to move, should now work harder to muster enough strength. One leader after the other deserting YSR Congress, the situation is running awry and it remains to be seen as to what would be the reaction of the Parties to the Union Home Minister's statement. At least, it appears that the announcement comes as a saving grace for Telangana Congress leaders to calm down and flock together in the House and outside.

Lately, Congress MPs too have been creating a scene in Parliament on Telangana issue that has become an embarrassment to the UPA government. Senior minister Pranab Mukherjee had to pacify the law makers and Prime Minister had to announce that Telangana was a complex issue to buy truce in Delhi. Once bitten, Congress leadership made the state well in time and the encrypted message of keep off any protests during the assembly session must have been understood by all the intended members. With the stick hidden and carrot dangling close, hope, the lawmakers would behave diligently during the ongoing assembly session.