Cycling – Adding a silver lining to our Health!



Cycling may be favorite pastime for many of us but it is certainly very useful in maintaining our health! As it is one of the easiest ways to exercise without producing fat bills, moreover it can be almost everywhere and any time during the year.

The health benefits though are numerous, few to pen down are:

The act of cycling involves the lower body. So, it strengthens and tones up the calf and thigh muscles. It also improvises the mobility of the hip and knee joints.

Cycling effectively increases the stamina, thus you are able enough to fight against the physical strains more ably and for a longer time.

Cycling does only good to your heart. It improves cardio-vascular fitness due to which our heart pounds steadily. Studies suggest that people who cycle at least 20 miles a week are least likely to suffer from heart diseases when compared to non-cycling people.

Cycling is great of losing the extra pound you stare at! Steady cycling burns a great deal of calories. Cycling boosts our metabolic rates even after we have finished our ride thus, aiding more in calorie-loss!

Any regular exercise is capable of reducing stress and depression. It improves the well-being and self esteem. Cycling outdoors is a awesome way of connecting with nature, which aids in rejuvenating the soul.

As cycling involves every part of our body, the co-ordination among the body parts is improved!

So, take some time out to indulge in a cycle ride.

Take Care!!

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