Tips for dressing up kids in Cold weather

  Tips for dressing up kids in Cold weather Winter here and India, it is cold one day and not so cold tye other has been the same in USA too..three days of severe cold and one day of weather..can't such weather, sending a child to school or to play outside is a tricky thing. Why not think of dressing them up in layers ! Have your child wear a not so thin T-shirt, then a fleece hoodie or a thick jacket if the weather is too cold. Then a small short skirt and thick leggings underneath. Teach your child to remove a layer of clothes isf she feels too hot suddenly due to playing for long. Color coordinating these layers is important too...match the colors of each piece of dressing or choose contrast colors,,,dressing up a child is exciting amd can fulfill your dressing up desires through them...use the brightest of the colors in dull weather..use pastels when the sun is can play with colors and trends. Well, until your child allows you. Buying a pair of fleece hoodies is a smart thing to do. When there's a school going child, you need quite a good number of clothes...t-shirts, socks, pants, leggings should be stocked up enough for two weeks, hoodies, jackets, shoes, winter caps should be two each. Shoes should be in two varieties, sneakers for a warm day and those winter shoes for a badly cold day to keep thoese tiny feet warm when playing out. Schools in the western countries have a norm of sending kids out to play twice a day for fitness, even during a cold day, unless it is severely cold. hence, shop well for kids' winter clothes. Teach your children to wear winter caps, scarfs or ear muffs for protection, most kids hate to wear winter gear. I know it is a big task..i am on the same boat. Let us know if you have any tips to share on how to keep kids warm and snug during winters. --Prathyusha Talluri

Winter Trendy Clothes for kids

  Winter Trendy Clothes for kids Winter as parents might feel, it hides the good and interesting dresses we wear. They say we can wear an old tshirt and cover it with a winter coat and everyone thinks you are dressed to go out. Why not buy a good winter gear than spending on is time for interesting winter clothes. Gloves, winter hats, ear muffs, scarfs, infinity scarfs, socks, shoes and what not....there are hundreds of styles in winter coats just for kids. Puffed coats, Peacoats, double Fleeced Jackets, etc are all so comfy too along with providing warmth in that cold weather. Those coats with furry collars, puffed jackets with kids favorite character prints, favorite colors...few that glow in the dark...browse the online shopping sites and you will be surprised...some even offer to print your child's name on the coat. When buying a winter coat for is better to consider a bigger size coat to fit in a tshirt and a lighter fleece jacket inside. The body warmers are the most forgotten set of accessories most forgotten and not bothered about but they offer a warm and protective shield against that chilly weather. Specially for kids who go to school, it is important to dress the up appropriately. Make sure to buy a comfy winter hat for them...they usually refuse to wear one but it is of great use when the go out to play in that chilly weather. Make sure to have them wear a body warmer or a thick legging inside the jeans or the pants they wear, a thick jacket, a pair of gloves and a hat....teach them about how to remove the gloves, hats, incase it gets over warm to avoid suffocation. Make it a point to tell the teacher that your childmight refuse to wear the coat for the outdoor play hour, still the teacher shall command the child to wear it along with the hat covering the ears or wear ear muffs, just to make sure that cold air doesnot get inside his/her ears.  Parents need not be worried about this season, it is fun to wear winter clothes and stay warm...the kids look cuter when dressed up in the correct winter gear...stay warm this cold season !! --Pratyusha

Indian Winter Fashion Fiesta

  Indian Winter Fashion Fiesta   You have an invite to a grand party,on a really chilly winter night.What are your plans about dressing up?? You want to bundle up in an assortment of woolly sweaters, mufflers, gloves and thick woolen socks coz of the chill, but you want to be a fashion gal that you are..The only way out now is... You skip that invitation to the party and dodge the calls.. But why? That’s because you are too scared to brave the cold while looking like an Eskimo in those heavy layers of winter clothing?? Just chill..this winter, embrace the beautiful weather and venture out dressed fashionably and protected against the cold. Lets help you in doing so with  some tips , which can present you as fashion Diva even in winter. One golden rule is that winter does not mean piling on thick, coarse sweaters. But the trick is to find feather light and soft fabrics which offer warmth from the cold. While dark navy blues, greys and black might rule the roost, there is no hard and fast rule to conform to this trend. Brighten your sober, monochrome outfits with chunky necklaces and funky chains. The layered look works fabulously for the winter season by mix and match of camisoles, knitted tops, denim/leather jackets and cardigans.Another way to get this right is by wearing long sleeved colorful tees and putting on soft crew cut or V-shaped cardigans. Now if you wear only sarees then what?? Time to unwrap those lovely silk sarees in beautiful colors of  green, red, blues and purple. Wear elbow length blouses to give the ensemble a contemporary look. Wear any saree but  Jazz up with lovely silks and woolen scarves. For a formal look, go for simple, sophisticated silk scarves. For a relaxed look, opt for bright woolen scarves in funky colors and soft fabrics.Which go well with any kind of saree. For any Indian outfits and skirts, use pretty silk wraps in lovely hues with trendy embellishments and designs. Happy Chilling out!! --Pushpa

జీన్స్ తో పోటీ పడుతున్న ధోతీ

  జీన్స్ తో పోటీ పడుతున్న ధోతీ  రోజులు ఏలా మారుతున్నాయో దానికి తగ్గట్టు ఫ్యాషన్ పోకడలు కూడా రోజురోజుకూ మారిపోతున్నాయి. నిన్న చూసిన మోడల్ ఈ రోజు ఉండదు.. ఈరోజు చూసిన మోడల్ రేపు ఉంటుందన్న గ్యారెంటీ లేదు. ఈ ఫ్యాషన్ రంగంలో రోజుకో రకం వస్తూనే ఉంటుంది. ముఖ్యంగా డ్రెస్సింగ్.. యూత్ ని ఆకట్టుకోవడానికి ఎన్నో రకాల మోడల్స్ వస్తున్నాయి. ఇప్పటి వరకూ జీన్స్ ప్యాంట్ల్లు వాటిలోనే వేరే మోడల్స్ వచ్చాయి.. అయితే ఇప్పుడు వాటికి చెక్ పెట్టి వాటితో పోటీపడే ధోతి ప్యాంట్లు వచ్చేశాయి. రకరకాల డిజైన్లలో ఈ ధోతి ప్యాంట్లు మార్కెట్ల్ హడావుడి చేస్తున్నాయి. సెలబ్రిటీల దగ్గర నుండి కాలేజ్ గాళ్స్ వరకూ వీటికి అందరూ ఇష్టపడుతున్నారు. మీరూ ఒకసారి ట్రైచేయండి.. ఫ్యాషన్ పోకడను అనుసరించండి..    

Stylish Lunch Boxes for Kids

Stylish Lunch Boxes for Kids    Packing lunch for kids is not an easy task. Parents have to think every night about whats going in the lunch box the next day. Some kids have silly choices and sometimes food restrictions due to health reasons. Forget about the items to put in the box, atleast if the box is interesting, Mommy might long to dress what she cooked in it. Yes, i mean it. Look at the new trending lunch boxes in the market and you will want to buy them, keep aside the need for a new lunch box or not. With Eco-friendly, reusable, dishwasher, microwave safe, totally Leak-proof features, these stylish lunch boxes come in bright colors, oh so attractive to parents too ! Some even come with their matching insulated bags. Those stainless steel lunch boxes of my childhood are back with a boom. Never thought those boring steel boxes would make such a statement. The idea is not new but the colors, the features make them so wanted for. The sections suitable for 'the Bento Mantra' many parents are following to make lunches attractive for kids, and a partition for the water bottle to avoid the need to carry it separately, to keep cold items cold and hot lunches hot in the same box...all these features make the consumers feel they are worth buying. Each box serves a life of 3-4 years of daily use. These come in a wide variety of materials, some of BPA free plastic, some of steel, some of glass with BPA free rubber sleeves for Breakproof usage. Online shopping websites like Amazon have loads of these on their shelves. Start the hunt for these stylish lunch boxes you will want to flaunt among other Mommies !!   -Pratyusha