A Kit to measure how Fit you are

A Kit to measure how Fit you are         Described as the 'only multi-sensor media monitor available in the UK', Ki Fit is a highly tuned sensor that you wear on your upper arm and which accurately tracks calories burned and the number of steps you take, as well as the efficiency of your sleep.  Combined with a personal online account in which you log all your food and drink intake, you can then accurately track the number of calories burned against the calories you've consumed: the holy grail of weight loss. The device itself is pretty easy to work - you simply attach it to the outside of your upper arm with a Velcro fastening - and then it pretty much looks after itself.  Meanwhile, an online profile allows you to log in all your meals from a pretty comprehensive series of pre-programmed choices, which you can also modify. Once a day you need to sync the armband with your computer to get the day's report, while a separate beeper, which you can pop in your handbag, allows you to monitor your progress (it shows steps taken, hours of activity and calories burned). Your daily report includes a series of easy-to-read graphs of your sleep patterns, movements and food intake, which is also broken into a colourful pie-chart showing the percentage of carbs, protein and fat .The device allows the user to track the number of calories burned against the number consumed. The Ki Fit device is available in the United Kingdom as of now.   Source:Daily Mail

Some must have healthy foods in your home

Some must have healthy foods in your home       According to the popular Health magazine here are a few of a some must have foods in your home for health and energy. • Extra virgin olive oil: so prolific and necessary that it's earned its very own acronym, EVOO is the cornerstone of the peerlessly healthy Mediterranean diet.  • Nonfat Greek yogurt: because creamy and rich and healthy and low calorie are four descriptors you hardly ever find in the same sentence. Our desi yoghurt is just fine too. • Quinoa: Dietician Jenna Braddock says that "For one cup of cooked quinoa, you get 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber for just 222 calories. Plus, the hearty whole grain is a good source of energizing iron and B vitamins." Oh, and it's great in salads and soups or as a side dish. This trend has just started in India too. • Eggs: three words: healthy, affordable and filling and packed with protein. • Tomato paste: Packs flavor and richness without calories or fat. Plus, it's cheap and chock full of cancer-fighting lycopene.  • Bananas: cheap, hearty, healthy, flavorful, and diverse and filled with potassium.  • Garlic:Garlic allows you to add flavor to your dishes quickly and easily without unhealthy fats or processed ingredients. • Frozen shrimp: low in calories, high in flavor, pack a protein punch.  • Mustard: bursting with selenium and turmeric, two immune boosting and cancer-fighting components.  • Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate provides powerful disease-fighting polyphenols and has even been associated with weight loss." 

Exercise during those Periods

Exercise during those Periods     There has been a never ending debate about whether you can exercise when you have periods. The traditional belief which is also endorsed by Ayurvedic physicians and old school of medicine which say that a woman must rest during menstrual flow is slowly changing. Yoga is banned during those 3-5 days  but fitness and weight loss which are the buzz words in the health scenario has seen a change where women are seen exercising during periods and  with the Sanitary napkin ads nowadays are also showing that you can exercise and not feel uncomfortable during “those” days. So we know that it is not impossible to exercise but if you have those usual cramps and pain in the stomach we suggest that you take rest till the phase of discomfort is over. Alisa Vitti, the author of WomanCode, and an expert on says that women need to be sensitive to the neuro-hormonal changes happening in their bodies while planning their exercise regimens. Follicular stage : Right after your period ends, in the follicular stage (7 to 10 days), you'll have fairly high energy levels. Vitti suggests you try a new cardio routine. "You have more new neural pathways being created during this phase, and they're more easily connected, so you're more likely to stick to a new exercise plan." Ovulatory  stage : In the ovulatory phase (3 to 4 days), right after the follicular stage, you'll be at full energy levels, and can go for an even more intense work out. "This is where we have a sharp rise in hormones, including a dramatic increase in estrogen and a nice surge of testosterone," explains Vitti. So a boot camp wouldn't be out of the question. Luetal stage: In the luetal phase, which lasts for 10 or 12 days, you'll start to slow down a bit. "Your energy may still be high if you're healthy," Vitti says. But as estrogen and progesterone decline, you'll slow down. That's when, suggests Vitti suggests strength training .When you reach the menstrual part of your period, you'll want to take it easy, and stick to low intensity workouts like walking or yoga. Trust us, your uterus will thank you.


సన్నబడాలనుకుంటున్నారా   " అర్జంటుగా సన్నబడాలి" అనుకుంటే, ఎం చెయ్యాలో  తెలీక  అవస్థాపడుతుంటాం. అయితే తీసుకునే ఆహారాన్ని తగ్గించటంలో పాటు క్రమం తప్పని వ్యాయామం మాత్రమే అధిక బరువును ఆడుతూ,పాడుతూ తగ్గిస్తుంది అంటున్నారు నిపుణులు. అయితే వ్యాయామం ద్వారా ఎన్ని కెలోరీలు ఖర్చు చేయొచ్చో తెలిస్తే చక్కగా ప్లాన్ చేయొచ్చు కదా! ఇదిగో ఆ వివరాలు చదవండి- పాటించండి- సన్నబడండి.   నడక: బరువు తగ్గాలనుకునే వారికీ అందరూ చెప్పే సలహా నడవమని నడక వాళ్ళ అంత లాభం ఉంటుందా అని అనుమానం వస్తుంటుంది కదా మనకి కాని నిజంగా చాలా లాభం వుంటుందట. ఎందుకంటే ఒక గంట నడిస్తే చాలు 300 కెలోరీలు ఖర్చవుతాయి. ఇంకాస్త ఓపిక ఉంటె కాస్త ఎత్తైన ప్రదేశాలవైపు నడిస్తే చాలు 400 దాకా కెలోరీలు కరిగిపోవడం ఖాయం.     ఇక నడుము కింద భాగం నాజుకుగా, ఉండాలంటే రోజు హాయిగా సైకిల్ తొక్కండి చాలు 350 కెలోరీలు  వద్దన్నా కరిగిపోతాయి.400 వందలకు పైగా కెలోరీలు ఖర్చు కావాలంటే పరుగుకు మించిన వ్యాయామం లేదు.   అలాగే మంచి మ్యూజిక్ పెట్టుకుని  నచ్చిన డ్యాన్స్ చేస్తే చాలు కెలోరీలు ఇట్టే కరిగిపోతాయంటే ఎవరు మాత్రం డ్యాన్స్ చేయకుండా ఉంటారు చెప్పండి. అలా డ్యాన్స్ చేస్తే చేస్తే గంటకు మూడొందల కెలోరీలకు పైగా ఖర్చవుతాయి. నచ్చిన మ్యూజిక్ పెట్టి సాల్సా, రాక్ఎన్రోల్ , బెల్లి డ్యాన్సింగ్ ఇలా వచ్చినది చేసేయండి.చాలు ఇక , స్కిప్పింగ్, స్పీడ్ జాగింగ్ , ఈత, ఆటలు, ఇవన్ని కూడా మానసిక ఆనందాన్నిచ్చెవె. వీటిలో గంటపాటు ఏ ఒక్కటి చేసినా 400  పైగా కెలోరీలు ఖర్చవటం ఖాయం. కాబట్టి కష్టంగా కాక ఇష్టంగా శరీరాన్ని కదిలించి బరువు తగ్గించండి అంటున్నారు నిపుణులు ఆలోచించండి ఆచరణలో పెట్టండి.   - రమ.

Ileana Fitness Secrets

Ileana Fitness Secrets       The hourglass beauty is very well known for her slim figure and a great structure. Any guy would go crazy and any lady would envy this pretty woman. After a string of movies in Tollywood and Kollywood, Ileana has now shifted her complete focus towards Bollywood. With films like Barfi, Phata Poster Nikla Hero and Main Tera Hero, she is currently lucky in the tinsel town. Let us check out the fitness secrets of Ileana which also includes her daily diet.  Ileana's Stats : HEIGHT: 5’5’’ or 165cm WEIGHT: 56kg or 123 pounds MEASUREMENT: 32-24-38 in or 81-61-96cm Workout Routine : 1. Ileana has the habit of Running a good distance thrice in a week. This helps her in maintaining the right figure.  2. Swimming is something Ileana love. Being a Goan, it is natural for a person to love Swimming. She has the stamina of doing 100 laps without any strain. Ileana goes for swimming two days in a week.  3. Ileana believes in training with breaks. Initially she starts off from sprints and then shifts to slow jogging and later on she comes back to sprint. These intervals will help Ileana in loosening her muscles. This habit will generally help people in avoiding cramps and injuries during exercise.  Diet Regime : Ileana is one actress who does not believe in crash diet to be fit. On the contrary she loves food and mainly prefers Indian cuisine. Oily and fried food are excluded. Ileana eats absolutely healthy food that gives her a lot of nourishment. Here is Ileana's menu for a day !!! 1. Breakfast : Fresh Juice, Two Eggs (Poached) and two slices of Wheat Bread. 2. Lunch : Two Rotis, Fish or Chicken, Fresh or Boiled Vegetables and Daal.    3. Dinner : Fresh or Boiled Vegetables, Chicken or Fish, Two Rotis and a Glass of Milk.

High Impact exercises are good for the Bones

High Impact exercises are good for the Bones   Contrary to the fact that women should be careful while doing high impact exercises as they tend to cause wear and tear if done excessively and could also jar the bones , but research shows  that  subjecting the bones to periodic stress bursts in the form of High intensive exercise would actually add mass to the bones  as people age which is good on the long run. Recently researchers at the University of Bristol gathered male and female adolescents — the body accumulates bone mass rapidly at this time of life — and had them go about their daily routines while they wore activity monitors. The bone density of the volunteers’ hips was also measured. A week later, the scientists reclaimed the monitors to check each teenager’s exposure to G forces¬, a measure of impact. Those who experienced impacts of 4.2 G’s or greater — though these were infrequent — had notably sturdier hipbones. Additional work done by the same researchers showed that running a 10-minute mile or jumping up onto and down from a box at least 15 inches high was needed to produce forces that great. The significance of these findings is that people should probably run pretty fast or jump high to generate forces great enough to help build bone. So, Dr. Tobias says, young people and healthy adults should probably pound the ground, at least sometimes. Sprint. Jump off a box 15 inches or higher at your gym and jump back up. Hop in place. A study by other researchers published in January found that women between 25 and 50 who hopped at least 10 times twice a day, with 30 seconds between each hop, significantly increased their hipbone density after four months. Another group of subjects, who hopped 20 times daily, showed even greater gains.

Share Your Diet with your best friends

Share Your Diet with your best friends   With any endeavor to lose weight, most women think they need to go on a diet, says Lisa Sanders, MD, a clinician-educator in primary care at Yale University and author of The Perfect Fit Diet. But that's not exactly true. A diet is simply what you eat, which means you're already on one. That diet either works for you so you achieve and maintain the weight you want, or it doesn't. The real secret to eating healthier and losing weight is finding a diet you can stick to – one that suits your tastes and lifestyle. You need to help you find your own personal diet strategy. If you are the one who turns to friends and pros for answers Your ideal diet & weight loss plan involves plenty of support from women who've been there - sharing your battles with chocolate fudge and meeting you for late-night walks around the block. Check out weight loss programs that meet weekly for fun, camaraderie, and tips on nutrition, or go the fitness route and join an aerobics or Pilates class with a core group of members. Sessions with a personal trainer can give you regular, one-on-one help with your unique weight loss demons. If you're a stellar follower, but not so good at coming up with methods yourself, choose a diet plan that offers sample meals and grocery lists, says Suzanne Farrell, MS, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and owner of Cherry Creek Nutrition in Denver. Or start your own diet support group, choosing dependable friends who actually have time to offer weight loss help and won't let you get away with making excuses. A group of three or four friends can keep you firmly on the fitness wagon even when one member can't show up. Designate a leader, set a plan of attack and be sure to let your supporters know exactly what you need most from them, whether it's gentle encouragement or the toughest of love.