Child Health Care Tips

Child Health Care Tips

Here you will find a health care tips for child that will be useful, beneficial, and most importantly give you and your children peace of mind.

* Baby Massage : Baby massage is a good old tradition of nurturing the infants, followed by people since centuries. Take few drops of olive oil in your palm and apply it in the circular motion. But be careful your child body is delicate so do not give pressure to your hands while massaging.

* Growing Teeth : Make small pieces of potato and cool them in your fridge. Give you child pieces of cold potato and tell him to place them inside his mouth on the tooth that is paining. The cold will sooth the pain. This works well with cucumber too. Find Doctor.

* Skin Care : Your baby could suffer from various skin problems if you do not provide proper protection to the baby skin. Use products that are especially for soft and sensitive baby skin. Apply soft and gentle soap and shampoos which does not contains hard chemicals & use only branded products. Baby’s skin absorbs lotion easily so avoid strong moisturizers. According to season you should use body lotion (mild) cream for baby skin.

* Bath Time : Before you take your baby for bath, get everything that you need at one place. Never leave your baby alone in water. Use only gentle baby soap. A soft towel or cloth should be used to dry your baby. Sponge bath is more suitable for newborn babies as their skin is very delicate.

* Leg Bicycling : Just keep your baby on his back and firmly hold his legs in a half bent position. Next, start moving his legs in a manner, as if he is paddling a bicycle. See that you do it gently. Maintain a steady pace, neither do it too fast, nor make it too slow. This will help in controlling your baby constipation.

* Cold Treatment : Use a cool mist humidifier in your infants bedroom. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, which helps ease your baby’s congestion and cough. Use water only. Do not add any oils or medicines to the humidifier unless directed by your pediatrician.

* Fever Cure : Take a dry cloth, dip it into the vessel making it completely wet and drain out the excess water. Place it on the baby’s forehead for two minutes and repeat the process. You should be doing this three to four times in a day for at least 20 to 25 minutes. This will help lower the temperature to a great extent.

* Earache : Oils can be very soothing to an inflamed eardrum. Place a few drops of olive oil, castor oil or mineral oil into your child’s ear. You can also gently warm the oil first, but be very careful not to make it too hot because that could damage the eardrum.