Mango Salsa for Health and Interest !!  




  Mangoes !! Come summer in whatever part of the world, if Mangoes are available, who does not want to eat them up...ripe and sweet, one is the happiest..but if the Mango you bought is not so ripe or not so sweet...or the raw Mango you bought for Dal or such is ripe already, then think of other recipes too... same old traditional dishes might be boring. Making chat with few other veggies or thinking of Salsa if you have chips to dip would be fun. All we need is atleast one medium size mango as a count to serve for 2-3 guests.


We need:

 * Mango

 * 1/2 Red Bellpepper ( Capsicum) if not, then 1/2 Green Bellpepper ( Capsicum)

 * 1/4 Red Onion ( Very small cubes, almost minced)

 * 1/4 cup Minced Cilanthro ( Coriander leaves)

 * Salt to taste

 * 1/2 Lemon to squeeze for flavor

 * 1/2 Tbsp Minced Green Chillies ( based on their heat)



They say in the Spanish and Mexican region that this dish is good to fight diabetes. Mix 1 peach fruit or Apple too and its healthier. Dip it with home made or store bought low- sodium, baked chips or eat as is (sprinkle some chat masala to Indianize). This Mango Salsa might make your social gatherings or even boring daily evenings tangy and interesting!!


 - Prathusha Talluri