How to Make Pesarapappu Halwa



Ingredients :

Soaked Pesarpappu - 1 cup

Sugar - 1 cup 

Ghee - 1 cup

Dry Fruits - 1 small cup

Elachi Powder  a pinch



Soak Pesarpappu for 5 to 6 hours and after that grind it in mixer without adding water. Take sugar in the pan and add water so that the sugar crystals get dissolved in water perfectly with small bubbles. Simultaneously add ghee in a pan and after the ghee gets heated add pesarpappu paste and let the same cook in low flame for about 15 20mins. Keep stirring until the mixture is cooked well. Once it is cooked properly add the sugar syrup and further cook for 15 mins in low flame. Add elachi power now and keep cooking. Roast the dry fruits and add in the halwa. And the Halwa is ready to be served....

- Nanduri Padmaja