Detoxing Healthy Juice


Having a healthy drink for detoxing our body after the holidays or whenever you have over eaten in festivals and functions is always advisable.  But when ever you make a juice adjust fruit and veggie amounts to suit your personal taste.

When you want to combine this to weight loss too, it is always better to stick to more vegetable juices because fruit juices contain a large amount of fruit sugar even when no additional sugar is added to it and it can affect a person’s weight loss efforts in a negative way. Therefore it is recommended to add more vegetables to your weight loss smoothie.


* Fresh Chopped Kale- 3 Cups
* Apples- 2
* Cucumber-1
* Lemon-1/2

Put all the ingredients in a juices or food processor and process till it turns in to a nice smoothie. The best time to have this smoothie is for breakfast or lunch. The kale and cucumber helps in complete detoxification of the entire system and it soothes the digestive system as well. Both apples and cucumber are great natural weight loss foods that help in losing weight.