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Quick Coconut laddoos (Holi Special)



Its Holi time and you are hard pressed for time for making all the arrangements in the weekend. The Holi sweets are very important and Yes ! We know that the local store has stocked his racks with the boxes of sweets meant for you to buy on the way back home. Now somewhere deep down you still feel like making something at home and want to keep it sweet, simple and with your hand. We found this easy to make recipe which needs no cooking process and all you have to do is just mix and make.



* Desiccated Coconut                  – 1 Cup +  extra for dusting laddoos

* Condensed Milk                         – 3/4th tin

If you take a whole packet of desiccated coconut you need to add extra condensed milk.

* Soaked and peeled almonds for garnish.



1. Take a large bowl and pour the desiccated coconut powder and add the condensed milk.

2. Mix everything well to combine. See to that you don’t add too much condensed milk or it will be too soft. You should be able to press and make into a ball like consistency. For that you need to add a bit more or less of condensed milk to firm the texture.

3.  Take a small portion of mix and press between your palms to make into smooth round ball – laddoo shape.  This will be very delicate so don’t apply of too much of pressure.  You could add a bit of ghee to grease you palm.

4.  Pour the extra desiccated coconut and roll the laddoo with dry coconut all over and reshape into perfect round shape.

5. Press a soaked sliced almond for garnish on each laddoo after they have been arranged in a plate.

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