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Dalia Biryani



Dalia                                    : 1 cup
                                  : 1
                               : 1
: 5 nos
: 1
: 1
     : 1 small
Green chilli                         
: 2
Ginger Garlic paste          
: 1 tbsp
: 1/8 cup
Chilli powder                     
: 1 tbsp
Coriander powder            
: 1 tbsp.
Garam Masala                  
: 1 tsp
Salt to taste
: 2 cups

For tempering:
: 1 tbsp
Bay leaves                        
: 2
Fennel Seeds                   
: 1 tsp
: 2
: 2
Cinnamon sticks               
: 1 inch piece

Method to prepare:

* In a pressure cooker add in oil once the oil heat up add in the “To Temper” ingredients .Wait till all the whole spices gives up a nice aroma, then add in the sliced onions and slit green chilli. Cook till the onions turns translucent and then add in the ginger garlic paste fry for about a min or until the raw smell leaves.

*Add in the Tomatoes and cook till the oil separates. Now add in the vegetables and sauté for about 2 mins.

* Now add in the Dalia and mix well along with the vegetables, Next add in add the spice powders and salt fry for about a min.

* Now add in the measured water and curd .Mix well and check for salt and spice and adjust if anything is less.

* Finally when the water starts to boil close the pressure cooker and cook for One Whistle and wait till the pressure get released all by itself. Open the cooker after the pressure is released.Garnish  with freshly chopped coriander leaves .

* Tasty Dalia biryani is ready to be served!

- Divya

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