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Baked Vermicelli




1 Litre        - Milk

100 gms     - Baked Fine Vermicelli

2                 - Black Elaichi

4 Tbsp        - Honey

2 Tsp          - Cinnamon Powder

1/5 Tbsp     - Clarified butter or Ghee

Dry fruits


* In a pan, add the milk in it and let it boil.

* Lightly smash the elaichi add it to milk along with honey.

* Now Stir it well occasionally.

* Once the milk is boiled turn the gas off.

* Add the vermicelli to it and mix it well with the milk.

* Let it get thicker, keep checking in between for every 3-4 mins.

* Add ghee to it

* Now serve it hot, you could also add some fried dry fruits to it. 



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