Way to wealth

Publish Date:Sep 11, 2015

This month is called “Sravana Masam” according to Telugu calendar, which is very auspicious. People take this opportunity to start new works, new assignments will be done and New projects will be signed... This is so delightful thing to happen, however have we thought of a new beginning in our lives? Have we ever felt that there is need to start a new thought process?

There is a superstitious belief in people that, they won't spend money on Fridays of week, if you do so your wealth shrinks down. This even goes a step further to not making the payments to people where you owe them. When you get a job done by someone or take goods from few without paying, how does that help you to become rich where in you have failed to understand the energy equation set by the Universe.... “Whenever you take a service , help or anything it has to be exchanged with an energy, which is in the form of Money in most of the cases. If you can't pay cash, you should at least offer some thing you have in hand”. That is the reason why most of people talk about “energy exchange” in the healing processes.

On a Friday, just because its Friday and we have a sentiment of not spending money on that particular day, we can not stop salaries of workers or Payments against purchases.. If we stop them, then are we not getting in to debt which is again a negative mark in you account book.

Above all, we need to understand one basic thing here;  if worshipping Goddess Laxmi which grants us wealth, yes she does so but wealth here is a overall well being. When we have peace of mind, happy with ourselves, embrace people with love and affection, come forward for needy, don't differentiate between have and have nots and be a beautiful soul processing humanity, these are the symbols of wealth. If one have all the above qualities, they are undoubtedly rich.

When you pray Godess Laxmi on this special Friday, pray to that you are granted with the above qualities.. If you could aquire them you will be surely a wealthiest person.

Stay blessed.



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