Beat the summer heat

Publish Date:May 21, 2015

Summers, too much of heat but we still want to have fun, take little care following the below steps and have a Happy summer.

During Summer it is necessary to stay hydrated, so drink  at least 12 glasses of water a day.

Choose loose, cotton clothes and you can go with a hat which protects from sharp sun and also becomes style statement.

Change your drapes at home and office to dark shades which will not reflect the light indoors
Sunscreen  is a must before heading out.

Before an hour of sleep place soft gel ice packs which naturally cools your bed and gives you the best sleep time every night.

Apply aloe vera  jelly once in week all over the body it heels sunburns and also cools the skin.

If you experience high temperature, apply a bottle of Ice-cold water on the pressure points like ankles, wrists or behind the knees.

Smoothes, berries as snacks instead of fried stuff will help your temperature stay firm.

Take a cool shower twice a day , it refreshes you.

Alekhya Neelishetti

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