Predictions for your love life as we step into the new year!

Publish Date:Apr 5, 2016

The new year is just around the corner! And here is the crystal gazing of your love life!


This could be the year that a friendship turns into more for Aries. You’ll find yourself attracted to someone who thinks outside of the box and commands their own presence and beliefs. You could gradually learn over the year that someone who has been your partner in crime could develop into something deeper, and possibly, even a long-term relationship.


Taurus will reap the rewards of what they’ve been focusing on in past few years. Since you’ve figured out that you need more stability and grounding, you’ll be attracted to someone who is more practical and can share your same preferences and interests. If you’ve been hoping for a relationship of significance, this just might be the year that you get it.


You’ll be out there quite a lot and likely, not taking anything too serious this year. You are more interested in trying new things, taking short trips and being spontaneous than settling into a committed relationship.You really need communication and a fun-loving, playful person, so keep your eye out for someone who fits the bill.


This is the year of nesting for you. You are at the stage in your life where you’re ready for something more reliable, mature and stable to build a life with. Because your friends and family are very important to you, it’s likely that they’ll introduce you to this person that will instantly fit right in.


You’re about to have a lot of fun this year. You’re kind of open to see where something could go, but you’re not ready for commitment and thinking too far ahead




Things are looking rosy for you Virgo. It’s a good year because you’ll be filled with a renewed optimism and many opportunities to meet that special someone.You’ll meet someone who is independent, energetic and isn’t afraid to go after you.



Argh! this might not be the year of relationships. This year could be challenging because the energy around you is all about being free. You might meet a lot of people, but they won’t want to be in anything serious.



It’s hard for you to let go of control in every aspect of your life, but this will be the year you learn how to surrender. Things always work out how they’re supposed to and now will be the time that you need to practice having more faith.



Time to get focused, organized and truly serious about relationships if you want it to work out well. You have the opportunity for a healthy long-term relationship or even marriage, but it’ll be about making it a priority and sticking up for what you really want instead of wasting time.



It’s likely that you’ve felt like your life has been full of big, big changes over the past years and looks like that’s going to continue in this year too. The more that you can move with the flow and embrace the transformations, the better off you will be. Focus on things and people that will help you remain calm and centered and give you the opportunity to build your life together. It’s important to you take risks and put yourself in typically uncomfortable situations if you want to meet someone special.



You’re not really looking for a relationship this year, but this year will present you with a wide variety of people to really help you understand what matters to you in a future partner. The rest will work itself out.



It could be very powerful for you to manifest the type of person and relationship you want and focus on that positive energy to bring it to you.Chances are you’ll meet someone who is the total opposite of what you usually go for, but the relationship will create unexpected joy in your life.


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