Being a Single Father

Publish Date:Jun 28, 2016


Bollywood star Tusshar Kapoor might not have too many films in his pocket to be proud of. A few films like Golmaal and Shootout at Lokhandwala are the only ones that peep out of his filmography. But Tusshar is now the talk of the town with his latest achievement. He has opted to become a single father through IVF.


Not a News:  Being a single father through infertility process is not new for India. Amitava Banerjee, a lawyer from Kolkata has become the first single father in India... way back in 2005. But Amitava had to fight hard to legalise his heir. Things have changed since then and society has moved on. It is more than easy for the rich to become a single father. People can find donors who give eggs as well as those ready to surrogate the child.


Why is it Trending:  Having kids through IVF has already been accepted by the society. It has become a boon to those couples who are unable to conceive naturally. Celebrities like Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan have all been through this process. But Tusshar has now become the first Bollywood bachelor to become a `single father’ through IVF. And Tusshar might not be the only one to follow the trend.


The institution of marriage is no longer felt compulsory by some. But they don’t want to miss the joy and responsibility involved in it. Tusshar seems to have shown them a way to follow. Bachelors above 40 years might now look to IVF to pamper their parenthood. Dr Firuza Parikh, the Doctor responsible for Tusshar’s IVF has asserted that single men and women are rapidly approaching their medical facility to become single parents devoid of marriage.


Pros and Cons:  Most of the netizens have expressed their concern for the child when they heard the news of Tusshar. They felt that the life of a child can never be complete without his mother. And their worry seems to be valid to some extent. The life of a kid without her mother is never complete and comfortable. The biological and psychological needs of a child are hard to be satisfied by the father alone. Much care and nurture is needed on behalf of father to fulfil the needs of his kid. He has to act as both father and mother for the purpose. Can He!



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