The New Electronic Credit Card

Publish Date:Nov 18, 2013

A new groundbreaking technology has emerged. The latest technology that is creating a great buzz is 'Coin'. A  card that combines all your different credit, debit, gift,  membership and personal cards into one. It works just like a regular credit card, but it allows you to cycle through your stored cards and select one via a small display.

This electronic credit card comes with a small card reader that attaches to the bottom of your smart phone. Using the Coin app for iOS or Android, you can swipe each card in your possession and then take a picture of the information on the front. The card is then stored on the app using 128-bit encryption and synced with your Coin using a Bluetooth connection. Adding your cars is a one-time deal, after which you’re free to use Coin without the app or your smartphone

To make sure your card stays safe, the app will alert you if you forget Coin behind. If you happen to lose it altogether, the device will automatically disable itself.  This card is valid internationally. The pre-order service has opened it's doors. Go grab your piece with 50% discount. It's actual price is just100$.

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