The Blossoming of Life

Publish Date:Jun 22, 2016


Today morning I was so depressed that I could no longer be in my house. I came out and stood at the gate wondering how worse my life would get further.  Then I saw a creeper among the pebbles left beside the road, the creeper was an ugly looking one, it stood barely under the hot sun and got dried out of its life during the summer. I almost wished to pluck it away but didn’t risk my hands to get dirty by touching it.  But now it looked different after a few showers, it got new leaves shining greenly with life and a small pink flower as though it’s celebrating its new life, as though it’s decorating the world with its existence, the creeper moved slightly along with the breeze as though it’s rejoicing in solitude.


As I stood there looking at the creeper. I felt my heart changing from the mood of despair to tranquillity.  I felt that something blossomed in my character just like that small pink flower called – Hope.  I looked at the heavens as the drizzle tickled my face as though it’s sowing the seeds of life within me, and said “God! Thanks for everything you gave” and then continued after a moment of thought “and thanks for everything you didn’t so that I could fulfil my destiny achieving them.”


I bent down to the level of the creeper and delicately touched its tiny leaves dampened with the drizzle, reminding me the fingers of child that has just come into the world. I stroked the small pink flower which looked like a crown that nature has bestowed to honour its struggle and determination to survive. I touched the creeper with the same hands which wished to pluck it out but didn’t risk for getting dirty. I stood there till my heart felt content looking at the creeper and moved back slowly into my house trying to remember the things I should do today to pursue my goal.


Welcoming the new life along with the monsoon.


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