Publish Date:Dec 16, 2014

In the last ten years life has become more hopeful for mankind. Wondering why? The advances in medical science has given us this hope. The ten years have brought what was unimaginable earlier.

The first achievement was when doctors and patients welcomed information technology with open arms. Earlier a doctor had to spend a good quality of his time looking up many volumes of old books. Today, all the information he/she needs is readily available at hand.

The next one is a pleasant surprise! When the extremely concerned governments of 27 states and the District of Columbia, imposed ban on smoking in bars and casinos, there was a positive impact! With this, the heart attacks resulting from second hand smoking reduced drastically.

New drugs have reduced death due to heart diseases has reduced by 40%! Can you believe it? The problem that was once fatal, can now be managed. Its all about the spontaneity with which you act. The quicker you get there, the better it is. This will help the doctors remove the blocks that obstruct the blood from flowing smoothly.

Now its time for the news that will make you go OMG! The stem cell research has given human beings the power to fight the deadliest diseases ever. In Europe this prevent the progress of adrenoleukodystropy or ALD, in two 7 year old boys. This is the same disease that the protagonist in the film "Lorenzo's Oil."

Ten years ago, no one ever thought of winning a battle against cancer. Well, its not impossible anymore! Doctors now advise targeted therapies to attack cancer with new drugs. Take the case of breast cancer for instance. Inducing trastuzumab (Herceptin) and lapatinib (TyKerb) in breast cancer can prevent a re occurrence of this traumatic disease.

AIDS - a disease that slowly drains life out of person can now be won over by HAAT. The abbreviation stands for highly active antiretroviral therapy and is a combination therapy approach to fight the disease.

The next development is a big step in the history of medical science - Robotic Surgery! With this, removing a kidney will not leave a 10 inch scar. Instead, a single incision at the naval can do the job. I’m sure you haven't heard of that before.

These are some efforts that were fruitful. This shows, nothing in this world is impossible!  


.....Kruti Beesam

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