People Worried About Telangana-march

Publish Date:Oct 18, 2011

sakala janula samme hyderabad march, tjac hyderabad march, november first week hyderabad march, trs hyderabad march, telangana congress hyderabad march, seemandhra leaders hyderabad march, million march hyderabad marchThe Telangana JAC proposed 'Telangana-march' in the first week of November is causing worry among not only the people of Seemandhra region, but also the people of Telangana region. They are expecting a massive unleashing of violence during and afterwards the proposed march.

Even as the Telangana groups are still giving final touches to what they call it a massive siege of Hyderabad, political leaders in the Seemandhra region are apprehending that the march is actually intended to target them. Speaking at a meeting of the Samaikhyandhra JAC in Guntur on Monday, former TDP minister Kodela Sivaprasada Rao said it was clear that the Hyderabad March is aimed at targeting the businesses of the people from these two regions in Hyderabad. "Last time around, when they held the Million March on Tank Bund road, statues of many Telugu icons were vandalized. This time, it looks like the business interests of the Seemandhra people will end up as the victims," he said.
However, sources in the Telangana Political JAC said the Hyderabad March is intended only to display a massive show of strength of the Telangana people and not aimed at the people or the businesses of the other two regions. They claimed that their Million March was thwarted with a huge police deployment and that they wanted to lay siege to Hyderabad this time around, so that it becomes clear to New Delhi that the people of the region will not settle for anything less than a separate state.

However, the state government and the police are apprehensive that a massive assembly of people, especially on such an emotive issue, can lead to breakdown of law and order and result in large scale violence. "Within minutes of being released on bail after his arrest in connection with the rail roko in Medak, TRS leader T Harish Rao said that their next target is to lay siege to the residences of ministers and Congress MLAs and force them to resign. We are fearful that the T movement can become increasingly violent and out of control," a police official said. Interestingly, the political analysts are also of the opinion that the TRS will try to escalate violence so as to compel the government to impose President's Rule. If that happens, TRS can easily convince the electorate in 2014 that the Congress government has brutally suppressed the agitation and blocked formation of separate Telangana.