Rose Quartz to attract Love into your Life

Publish Date:Jul 26, 2014

Attracting the right partner into your life is an oft asked question by many people who fail to get the right person into your life or conveniently say that the right person is yet to come into my life.  When we stumble upon the right person, we assume that we will be ready to give and receive love in a relationship. But the popular self-help book Calling in “The One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas asks love-seekers to question this established approach and look within themselves instead as they begin the process of attracting — rather than searching — for a mate. It’s the inner journey that you need to make and ask yourself as to why you want a life partner, is it for love? Is it for physical companionship only? Is it because you are growing old and you feel the biological clock ticking?

First answer these questions and start loving yourself. Unless you love yourself completely and uninhibitedly you cannot attract another person into your life. In this context Crystals are high in energy and can help you attract the right person.B y combining the power of crystals with your focus and intention, you can create the kind of relationships you truly desire.

The Rose quartz is a favorite stone for love.
Not only does it encourage self love, it helps draw new love to you, or deepen existing relationships. A piece of rose quartz under your bed will attract new love or renew existing love relationships, depending on your intention. You can also place a piece in the relationship corner of your home, the farthest right rear corner from the front door. Wearing a rose quartz pendant will also attract love and harmonious relationships into your life.
A Rose Quartz placed in the South West (Far Right) corner of your home brings the benefit of an harmonious relationship to everyone in the home. Placing a large Rose Quartz Crystal or even better a Rose Quartz Heart in the South West Corner of your bedroom will ensure a happy relationship with your partner or will attract romantic love if single.

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