Spending Time with Grandparents

Publish Date:Jul 11, 2014

As the world grows closer and human relations farther,  we come across this sweet story of an 89 year old man who becomes friends with his 3 year old neighbor. Three year-old Minnesotan preschooler named Emmett Rychner becomes a best friend of his neighbor Erling Kindem -- an 89-year-old World War II veteran in a small town in the United States ! Elderly citizens are very endearing and affectionate when it comes to little children and spending time with them. But with nuclear families now the norm of Indian or any society, the relationship between the grandparents and children have further widened. Its either they are forced to baby sit their grandkids while their children slog it out in their corporate job world. Or the children are far away in some other place or country where they get to see the grandchildren once in two years or through the Skype.

The importance of spending quality time with grandparents fosters a healthy growth of children as they get to see a different perspective in life apart from their own parents. As the saying goes Grandparents make the best parents, not only do they pamper the grandkids but also teach them various aspects in life more gently which may be they may have not done with their own children. Again the key to any happy relation is a balance. Once the parents are in the grandparents should leave the kids with them and avoid any kind of interference, at the same time the parents should see to that they don’t hurt their parents for any deviation from the kids which could lead to them saying “ grandpa told me so or grandma said its ok”. Grandparents should be able to bridge the gap between the parents and children and for this they should be allowed to spend more time to bond with little ones. It becomes equally responsible on the parents side to foster this bond by allowing the children to spend more time with their Grandparents…

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