Eating Organic, not a Fashion !

Organic foods are widely available these days. It is not stylish to adopt organic lifestyle, it has become a necessity, in the current times. With foods being so manipulated and contaminated, choosing organic is the only choice we are left with. Many think eating organic is a fashion, which might be true with some people, who try to flaunt their spending abilities over others, but to many natural and organic foods are a safe option for a better and longer life. Some even make fun of families who say they only prefer eating organic foods. Being said, organic and locally grown perishables are expensive because of not much demand...when the demand increases, farmers will be encouraged to cultivate more of these and earn equally to continue.

Specially for the future generations and their health, most parents are adopting a healthy lifestyle, and choosing to eat organic foods, which tends to narrow down their food options. Not every restaurant sells non-GMO food items, not every variety of fruits and vegetables is grown organic, and so those who want to eat safe are left with very few options. Not just organic eating, but avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup and MSG ( Mono Sodium Glutamate) also reduces the varieties one can find when eating out or shopping for groceries.

For those who are aware of the harmful effects the Genetically Manipulated Food and Artificial Ingredient Foods can have on ones health, every time they eat out or even bring home a non-safe veggie or fruit home, it is a guilt that haunts. For families who cant afford buying these better foods every week, feeding them only to the children has become a practice for good. I suggest, whoever is reading my lines here, to browse on the web about cultivating GMO Foods, MSG and High Fructose and their side effects. One will immediately start atleast a container kitchen-garden, i tell you !

Be it Fashion, Style or a Necessity...truth is "Organic or No Health ! "

-Prathyusha Talluri

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