Many times in life, we live some wasteful days. Days when life seems purposeless. You may think, there’s nothing that can be done to change this. But, you can! Making a day productive is in your hands. I’ll give you some ideas that’ll make everyday of your life meaningful.

Firstly, to increase the number of hours in your day, you should wake up early. Psychology says man needs motivation to do anything in life. Even to wake up early, you will need to motivate yourself. Give yourself exciting reasons to look forward to the next day. Waking up for an interesting breakfast can for instance, motivate a food lover to start early day. Similarly, find your interest and motivate yourself to wake up to that.

Learn to think fast. Dont brood over one thought forever! Act spontaneously. Put the first thought that crosses your mind, into action. Dont wait for the right time, because the right time is right now! Give more importance to your gut feeling. That always gives you the right answer and it thinks faster than your brain.

Apply the same trick at work too! Work fast to keep up the enthusiasm and put small targets for each task. Listening to music to keep yourself interested in your work. To work well, your environment also needs to be appropriate. Tasks are better performed in a well lit room. So arrange your work space accordingly for best results. Have a nice day!

..............Kruti Beesam

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