Poor eye vision? What is it you are unwilling to see in your life?

Publish Date:Apr 6, 2016

We have all such busy schedules these days, we have no time for simple pleasures that nature offers us in plenty. How long has it been you have gazed at the moon and enjoyed the coolness of moon light? We hardly appreciate what is available to us every day in front of our eyes. But imagine a person not being able to see it even if he just loves the beauty of nature. Just like a healthy body, eyesight is something we take for granted until we start having vision issues.


A client recently shared a similar story. He was living in a desert country and in the middle of summer he was walking on the road enjoying clear sky and moon light. Suddenly he looked up at the sky and surprised to see two layered moon. He was shocked and started worrying if his eye sight had gone bad. His local friends said that it can just be because of mirages in the dessert areas. But this continued for quite some time and he started noticing that his eyesight was getting worse. He went to an eye doctor who told him that he had Nearsightedness and had to wear eye glasses. And by the time this got diagnosed, he ended up with very powerful glasses. He was very unhappy to wear glasses.


He wanted to get back to his natural eye sight. We all know nearsightedness is a situation where the person is not able to see distant objects clearly. But this is literally how our body is translating our inner state of mind, not willing to see or accept a future situation or what we perceive may come up in future in our life.


We started going back to his life history, 2-3 years before he experienced issues with his eye sight. During that time, he was running through a bad patch in life, all his money got exhausted with unexplainable reasons, his career wasn’t going well, challenges with boss and co-workers, issues with almost all the family members, brother, parents and spouse. It seemed to him that nothing in his life was going right. Life for him seemed to be doomed with no hope or ray of light at the end of the tunnel. He thought of killing himself a couple of times, even that didn’t work for him.


He was deep in debts and ended up paying 75% of his salary towards clearing debts and paying interest on them. He could see his life collapsing on him and he wasn’t in a position to help himself. When life was taking him nowhere, he just wanted to withdraw from this environment and opted to go to a country which never interested him including the pay packet. He moved out to that country to ensure that he is away from the whole of his world which is collapsing on him.


From the time he stepped into that country, he wanted to run away but legal formalities never allowed him to do so. He had no other option but to stay put up in that country. He was also afraid he would not get a suitable job back in India even if he manages to come back. He wasn’t sure about his future and found it to be unthinkable. And the body reacted perfectly through eyes. He was seeing a future, which he never liked to see.


I recall another similar instance of eye vision issue. Couple of years back, one of my friends called me from abroad, a courtesy call. We discussed life in general and how happy and how sad we are, about work, family etc. Everything went on well until he disclosed a fact that he is losing his eye vision suddenly and he was feeling very sad about it. Of course, anyone would feel really sad to lose eye vision. I started probing into the case, as when it started and what were his symptoms. When we started discussing a bit more into his issue, it has come to my awareness that he took trauma of losing his mother and never wanted to see a world where his mother's presence is not available. He was very close to his mother, he loved her, adored her, she was his friend, philosopher and guide.


He had immense gratitude towards her, he always felt his mother is the reason for his current standing in this life. He wasn’t ready to accept the fact of losing his mother. For months together he was so very disturbed and depressed and wept for more than 6 months continuously. Body responded to his strong wish and his eye vision started blurring and was getting black out. What you didn’t want to see but you are forced to see, your eye vision will help you not to see it.


I had seen so many cases, where kids in their teens start getting their glasses. Why teens, even kids of 2-3 years age also started wearing glasses. It’s a very disheartening situation. Couple of decades back, we rarely used to encounter some kid wearing glasses. Now this is a very common scenario. We tend to attribute this to poor quality of food, exposure to TV, gadgets like mobile phone, ipads etc. I agree with these reasons. However, there are strong emotional reasons for children to wear glasses.


A small girl child who is in her 5th or 6th standard was brought to my office for eye correction. She has far sightedness, which is not so common in children, we expect to see it in people in their forties. Far sightedness is a situation where distant objects can be seen clearly but objects nearby can’t be seen with proper focus. She was unable to see things nearer to her. This caused difficulty in her studies, she was not able to see the board properly, unable to see or read the text books properly. She was taken to an ophthalmologist and glasses were advised. She found wearing glasses to be uncomfortable and they ended up in my office.


When I started discussing with the child as what’s happening at home. She was a bit hesitant to open up initially. Both her parents work, they go out along with the kids and come back late in the night. In the evening when children come back from their school, their grandparents take care of them. There was always an argument between the children and grandparents. Grandparents wouldn’t like what children are doing and children wouldn’t like the instructions from grandparents. Parents come back late in the night, after hectic work and painful commute. By then, both the parents are tired but  grandparents start complaining about children and children complain about grandparents. The girl didn’t like the whole of the environment she is in. She wanted to see a home, where mother and father would give her attention, pat her and emotionally be available to her. Being a girl child and a growing one,


her requirements would be increasing but mother is always busy with her office work. No one is to blame here, family demands mother's earnings too. She had to forego her time with children to meet the family needs. The first body response in the child is through eye sight, she is not able to accept and see what she is seeing on a day to day basis. Whenever you see something that is happening on a day to day basis and which you wouldn’t want to see, you end up having far sightedness, where you will see only distant objects clearly but not the close ones.


If you wear glasses or have an issue with your eye vision, just look back at the time of your life when this problem started. What is it you did not like to see in your life then? Just go back and see what were those emotions which you didn’t want to experience and suppressed them. Our body is such a wonderful friend which tells us what our emotional issues are that need attention. If we do not like something in our environment or in future situation, it can be addressed by paying attention to how that situation makes us feel. The moment we address the emotions, the body will respond, the eye sight will improve within no time. Correcting Eye Vision may take a little time, in most of the cases, we just need to be a little patient with ourselves. It’s never late to attend to our emotional issues and improve the eye vision.


Disclaimer: Please do consult your doctor or Ophthalmologist whenever you have an issue in your eye vision. The above given information is the experience of the author and doesn’t replace medical assistance. Given information is a very small part of eye vision problems. Please take proper care of your eyes and follow the advice of your Ophthalmologist.


Ramakrishna Maguluri
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