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Publish Date:Sep 5, 2015


Krishnashtami!! What a wonderful festival!! It lets us experience God at home. Isn’t it?


Every mom dresses their little boy as little Krishna and their tiny girl as Radha. Kids are treated very special and parents and elders extend a warm affection; this celebration gives elders, immense of happiness. But, after that we will get back to routine and from then, we don't see any angelic, blessed nature of children which they actually possess.


However, kids are the same before and after the festival; the difference is in us and in the way we look at things. All of us would love to experience “wow” moments in life so very often; but, sometimes we ignore when they are so much around us. As time passes, our kids grow up and they leave their impressions in every aspect, just to give us an abundant amount of happiness. But we, overlook those joyful moments and focus somewhere else. When kids fly on their own , we realise that our “happiness” is gone and then feels like life is empty. Just imagine, if this realization would have come before, life would have been much more jubilant.



It is needless to say that, when kids are around, every day looks like festival and every festival has life in it. We celebrate and live those moments to the fullest and charge up, but in a day or two  we put a full stop to this celebration. Instead, if we learn to keep this festivity continued through out life, then life becomes meaningful. when we learn to enjoy life as it comes, it brings us only happiness.


When, little children are at home, we fail to notice the beauty of life. But, when kids become older, we look up to our grandchildren or kids of neighbourhood. However, its difficult to find the adequate love and affection. If you observe deeply, kids are mirror images of life at large. They show you how to live fully. But when we try to control them, we control our joys and happiness. You might be upset with the mischievous behavior of kids, nevertheless, they remain as fond memories for us, just like how we enjoy the “Leelaas of Balakrishna” even now. Having kids nearby is wealth and when we discover this truth, we feel rich and be superabundant. If you can't capture these moments of life, then there is no second chance. Peeping for euphoria and bliss else where later is folly.



To avoid such damages, festivals are brought in to our culture. They come and go, but leave its impressions on life. Festivals like, “ “Janmashtami” come and go, but reminds you that there are divine souls present with you in this journey, just take care, feel and concede. Understand the voice of nature which has given you the opportunity to be surrounded by the angels and divine energies.  Acknowledging and receiving this bliss is absolutely in our hands...

Just go for it.


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