Rajinikanth, Kamal Plea To TN Govt

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) came into effect from July 1. In Tamil Nadu, theatres were shut down on Monday in protest against the high taxation. Haasan said all factions of the industry are agitated.

Reacting on the double taxation by the state, universal hero Kamal Haasan said in a statement, “Filmmaking has been made difficult deliberately. There are further tortures and systemic corruption that the film Industry has to endure under this regime.”

Earlier also Kamal made strong remarks against government on the double taxation by the state. He warned to quit films, if GST is implemented in the state.

Not just Kamal Haasan, few other celebrities in Tamil Nadu are also opposing GST implementation in the state. Latest to join the list is super star Rajinikanth who said, "Keeping in mind the livelihood of Lakhs of people in the Tamil film industry, I sincerely request the TN GOVT to seriously consider our plea."

Apparently, Kamal Haasan is pleased with Rajinikanth for voicing his concern over the matter. "Thanks Rajni avaragaLay for voicing your concern. Lets request first as gentlemen should. Then we shall see. @superstarrajini & TN .Govt," stated Kamal Haasan.

On the flip side, Tamil Nadu Government is not in a mood to consider Kolywood celebs plea for now.