Publish Date:Jan 8, 2016

As the days of New Year pass by, one of the first things we remember is a DIARY. Most of us would certainly purchase a diary, though we might not use it. But writing a diary is always suggested to be a good way to keep a track of our life. Writing a diary would help us to re visit the past. It helps to analyze the past for a better future. A few tips to maintain the diary in an effective manner…

A Diary need not glitter!


The main purpose of a diary is to be written. So while choosing a diary, it’s not the photos or the design of the diary that should be considered. Diary is often supposed to last forever. So it’s the durability and the usage of the diary that should be considered. The paper should be thick and the columns should be wide enough. Bound should be hard and should promise a few years of service.

Purpose of the diary!

Some people use the diary as a memorabilia filling it with every piece of document they wish to cherish. From a plane ticket to a parking bill… some people love to stick every memoir in their diary. Some others use diary as an account book. With all incomes and expenses… their diary would look like a ledger. If you wish to keep a diary to write down your day to day experiences, it’s always better to keep it that way. The purpose of a diary should not be diluted by using it for varied reasons!

Writing a diary!


Making a few entries in our diary should be a part of our routine. The entries should be honest and legible. If we are in leisure, it’s better to make the entry in detail. Writing down the events of the day in the form of an analysis would teach us something.  If we don’t have the habit of writing the diary daily, it' better to maintain a dairy without the date! Or else, the dairy would look half baked at the end of the year.


Ah! It’s the main concern we have regarding a dairy. We feel embarrassed to share our most intimate thoughts with the readers. Diary is a personal thing, and we wish to retain it as such. So be sure to place it in a safest place. If you are not sure about the safety of your diary, it’s better to maintain a digital diary. You can either make your entries in online diaries such as ‘PENZU.COM’. You can also download the digital applications such as ‘MY DIGITAL DIARY’. Diaries in digital format may not have the personal touch with them. But they can be useful in protecting the data and maintaining the secrecy!

- Nirjara.

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