How to Google the Google

Publish Date:Jun 27, 2016


Googling is not just a fashion. It has become a necessity in our daily life. From scholars to students, people have started depending on Google to enrich their knowledge and gather some conclusions. Though we have to be careful before depending on open sources in net, there are few tricks that help us in obtaining the information we are searching for. Watch out...


The Minus sign:  Do you want to know about the places named Tajmahal other than the monument in Agra... then simply type- Tajmahal  -Agra. Using this minus symbol, you can eliminate the unwanted results.

The Asterisk symbol:   You know a part of the sentence you wish to Google, but you are not sure of a few words in the sentence. Then you can just use the * mark to fill up the sentence. For example- `The * of garbage truck’ might rightly lead you to `The law of garbage truck’. You can use more than one Asterisk symbols to fill up the sentence if needed (Ex: The * of garbage *).


Image search:  People often ignore the value of image search in the Tabs beneath the Google search. You can upload an image to find a similar image using the camera icon besides the search bar. You can also select the type of image (photo, animated, drawing...) by selecting the tab `Type’ beneath the images segment.


Definitions and Differences: Google gives a lot of options to extract the information. All you need is to specify your need.

- If you want to know the definition, use Define (ex: Define capitalism)

- If you want to derive the differences use difference between (ex: difference between UK and England)

- If you want to compare use Vs (ex: Rice vs. Wheat)


Words:  You need not worry about the sentence formation while Googling. Because, words are more important than grammar for Google! So, emphasise much importance on the key words such as richest, dangerous etc. Keep changing the combination of your words until you reach a conclusion. Simple and key words are the ones that needed for best search.


Keep experimenting: Goole offers mind blowing experiences. But most of us are not aware of the tricks and stunts provided by the Google bar. Go to ‘’ for such skills. Or say something in your microphone after selecting the mike icon beside the Google search bar. Keep experimenting with Google and you can always be assured of varied and valuable experiences.


- Nirjara.

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