Home Remedies for Common Diseases


It is not always possible to visit a doctor for some of the common and frequent health disorder. And rightly it is not such a good idea to pop in tablets at your comfort! So it is best to solve them at home.

Here are the some common yet bothersome problems and their remedies!

Stress-induced headaches can be shooed away by clenching a pencil, by doing so you relax your jaw muscles and erase out tension and stress. This remedy is not applicable for migraine and sinus pressure headaches

Is motion sickness scaring you from traveling? Then grab some olives or lemon, these are effective in diminishing nausea, and in relieving you from motion sickness

Most of us might have experienced uncontrollable hiccups, the way out is to suddenly scare the person or a spoon full of sugar would do the trick!

Warts, the small blister which deface the appearance of your skin can be ditched of by a strip of duct tape used daily, followed by exfoliation by a pumice stone once a week. Though it is a slow process golden results are assured!

Inflamed skin or Eczema can be cure by the use of oatmeal, having anti-inflammatory properties; it is applied over affected area for 15 minutes and then rinsed. Oatmeal is successful in reducing inflammation as well as redness

Is nail fungus frightening you? Use vapor rub instead to time-taking manicures and pedicures. When used consistently not only the fungus falls off but the infected toenail too, instead a new fungus-free nail grows!

Bad breathe embarrassing you among your peer group or colleagues? Then include yogurt in your meals without fail! Because its neutralizing powers and probiotics reduce the bacteria and thus bad breathe

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