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Publish Date:Sep 9, 2015

Keeping things clean and neat is different from keeping the surroundings decorative.....if the mood is good, anyone can decorate a home, but the right kind of decor, creating a stylish statement in home decor among friends and relatives doesnot come to all. These talented lot donot have to be Interior Designers or someone from an Architecture studies background, that desperate interest to decorate a space is in them from birth. As they grow up, even the family notices their special approach to maintaining a home looking good and well decorated all the time. They can turn any boring space into something cool. With the most affordable furniture to everything DIY, they create a Wow Home in minutes.

I have personally seen someone who mends a space even when visiting a friend's place that is not so well maintained. She moves the sofa inch by inch just while talking with the friend, inorder to align the sofa and by the time she leaves the place, the living room she spent talking is in a good shape. This habit is so interesting to watch and helpful for those who just can't do it right.....but if overdone, it is so silly and annoying. I have also noticed someone who doesnot like when we dont put the water glass back on the coaster on the beautiful center table she has. And some, clean, clean and continue to clean and move items on the sofa and the tables even when the guests have arrived. They dont care !! Some decorate the home so much that they dont want to relax on the bed, worrying that the bedspread might get wrinkles !  You might have seen someone atleast who has this passion and loves visiting home decor stores to window shop, if not to buy. There are quite many people of this group who can celebrate their birthdays in a hobby store looking for their next DIY Decor items.

Home decoration is an art, one that doesnot come to everyone....but it is good as long as one doesnot demand appreciation and praise. Decorate your home to please your own eye, or to give a treat to the guests you invited, but dont expect applause the art doesnot come to all, so does the eye to appreciate this art, it doesnot come to all...!!

-Prathyusha Talluri

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