Home-made Organic ‘Holi ‘ Colours


A wonderful project to do with your kids is to make your own colors at home. Organic colours are the best option and the same thing can be done with kids which they would love making it, as much as they would love playing with it!


For the red colour the easiest option would be to be use the KumKum powder that you get in packets at the grocery stores. This can be used in its dry form and diluted with water.


For the liquid color you could slice or grate one beetroot and soak it in 1 litre of water for a wonderful magenta. Leave it overnight for a deeper shade and dilute it before use. Boil the peels of 10-15 pink onions in half a litre of water for a pinkish colour and remove the peels before using them. It could get a little smelly though!


The standard turmeric powder is a well known idea for a natural yellow colour. You could try adding turmeric in gram flour and what do you know -we have a colour cum beauty pack for the skin. Directly applying turmeric could make the skin dry which is why you need to mix it with something else. The same can be directly mixed with water too.Crush Marigold flowers finely and mix the powder with inexpensive Flour and this can be used for a light yellow tinge.


The Henna used for hair is the easiest option for green colour. You can use it in its dry form and dilute it in water. But check if it  is overtly diluted ,the colour will dilute also.

Last minute quick fix

The different grades of food colors used in cooking can be diluted with water and used as colors.The other  option is to use your child's Poster colour paints and dilute them in water and use it.

TeluguOne wishes you a happy and fun filled colourful HOLI !